Network-enabled lockers that customers can access to pick up a box of fresh produce.

The Dream Vault is offering Chicago residents an innovative new way to access fresh, quality food. Each morning, our Dream Team delivers boxes of fresh produce to Network-enabled “Dream Vaults” that contain 25 secure lockers. Recipients use a unique code to open their locker biweekly and acquire five day’s worth of healthy fruits and vegetables at no cost to them. Families can then use the funds they would have spent buying produce on other groceries or essentials.

Lockers are restocked daily, allowing Dion’s Chicago Dream to serve up to 175 households within a 1-mile radius – providing up to 78,000 pounds of fresh food every year per Dream Vault.
As recipients come in weekly to collect their produce, participating businesses receive the benefit of additional foot traffic and can display the Dream Vault as a front-and-center symbol of giving back to their community.

Our Dream Vault program tests the possibility of even greater scale in the fight against food insecurity, using cutting-edge logistics, delivery and destination solutions. The first Dream Vault is located at the new Save A Lot grocery store in Englewood at 832 W 63rd Street. We aim to launch at least four more Dream Vaults throughout the city with other partners by the end of 2023.

Every vault serves:

Mile Radius
per week
Lbs of Produce
Distributed Year

"We want to continue to reimagine what fighting food insecurity looks like from the recipient’s perspective."

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