We Did It!

$ 10000
Raised of the $250,000 Goal
Over 80,000 Pounds

Dear Dream Team,

Together, we raised over $250,000 and exceeded our goal of delivering 80,000 pounds of fresh produce directly to the doorsteps of Chicago’s residents.

Our Dream to combat food insecurity throughout Chicago has become a reality.

The incredible success of our first fundraising campaign is proof.

With our continued strength, determination, and focus we can make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve.


Robert Jones

April 10, 2023

Amount Donated

Yanira Castro

March 29, 2023

Amount Donated

Feed Families.

Create Community.

Fuel Hope.


Thank you to all our donors!

Adrian Perez
Ali Alley
Alma Rios
Amanda Puck
Amy Wilke
Andre Weaver
Andrea Shawntrease
Angie Scott
Ariahna Knight
Ashley Friend
Beth McCorkle
Black People Eats
Black Village Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL
Cassandra Jordan
Christine Caine
Christine Quinn
Claude Holmes
Conagra Brands Foundation
Cydni Perkins
Damonde Dickerson
Dario Durham
Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Darnell Allen

Darren Mars
David Agnew
David Stanford
DeAnna McLeary
Doug Weiss
Erica Reid
Felice McPherson
Felicia Kershaw
Frederick Middlebrooks
Fredrick Lacey Jr
Gordon Mayer
Halee Stirrat
Jen Kennedy
Jennifer Reed
Jennifer Velez
Jessica Cerepa
Joseph McDade
Josh Zawada
Julian Grace Foundation
Julie Eddleman
Katherine Genson
Katie Coleman
Kelly Highland
Kevin Bander
Kristen D-R

Kristy Kail
LaSean Rice Jr
Latasha Davis
LaTonya Felton
Laura Moirano
Lavinia Lee
Lawrence DeShields
Leslie Ballantyne
Levi Koehl
Linda Ross
Lisa Cohen
Louis Carr & Diane Carr Family Foundation
Marcus Lemonis
Marisa Spiegel
Mark Bazer
Mary Reistetter
Matthew Louisell
Maureen McGonagle
Melvin Thomas
Mendell Davis
Michelle Goldberg
Michelle Kram

Missy Degleffetti
Natalie Gudel
Niamya Madison
Nicole Miles
Nina Ross
Olivia Thompson
Patti Benaissa
Philemon Smith
Resident Association of Greater Englewood
Robert Jones
Sara Teppema
Sarah McBride
Shantel Suarez Avila
Simply Organic Project
Stacy Friedman
Stephen Perry
Suzanne Lewandowski
Tara Walker
Tasha Fridia
Thierer Family Foundation
Trina Rizzo
Valeri Vanourek
Will Swiatkowski’s DCP Friends

Help Feed Families. Help Create Community. Help Fuel Hope.

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Help Feed Families.
Help Create Community.
Help Fuel Hope.

Donate Monthly

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