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The Dream

Stability for the
Englewood Community

Dion’s Chicago Dream is to create financial, physical, and emotional stability for Chicago’s Englewood residents by combating food insecurity while addressing the food desert status of the neighborhood. Dion’s Dream is to use nutritional philanthropy as a catalyst to build community and transform lives.

Our Community

Challenges Facing Englewood

Englewood is one of the 70+ communities of Chicago, Il.  Long marginalized by geography, the neighborhood is cut off from the rest of the city by the eight-lane Dan Ryan Expressway, and a sprawling industrial corridor. Like many impoverished communities, it struggles with;  population loss, a lack of jobs, school closures, a housing crisis, and gang violence.

Interconnected with this, Englewood also suffers from these challenges:

  • LifeExpectancy-health-medical-heartbeat-life

    Life Expectancy Gap

    A 30-year life-expectancy gap between Englewood and high-income neighborhoods like Streeterville, located just 9 miles away, is the largest in the country (NYU School of Medicine)

  • Asset 962


    47% of Englewood households live below the poverty level as compared to 15% in Cook County (Chicago census data 2008-2012)

  • Food Insecurity

    Projected food insecurity in Englewood is expected to reach 41% this year as compared to 13% in Cook County (Chicago Tribune Aug.28, 2020)

  • Low Income

    Median household income in Englewood, at $21,275, is in gross disparity to the median Chicago household income at $55,198 (US Census Data, 2018)

  • Food Desert Status

    Out of the entire state of Illinois, Englewood has the highest percentage of impoverished households. In the context of Chicago, it ranks fifth out of 77 neighborhoods in terms of economic hardship. As result most businesses are not attracted to establish stores in the area.

What is Food Insecurity?

The condition where people cannot reliably access adequate, nutritious food.

What is a Food Desert?

An area with a poverty rate of at least 20 percent and where at least a third of the population lives more than a mile from a supermarket or large grocery store.

How Does Food Insecurity Happen?

Englewood residents effected?




What does this mean for the people living in Englewood?

Growing up in Englewood has not been the easiest experience. As a child, you experience so much so fast. From hunger to loneliness to violence, it felt like the problems came often...The opportunity to consume fresh fruits and vegetables is not something that I am used to. I feel sometimes that I don’t deserve it because no one has cared to offer it to us consistently.

Terence– 20 year Englewood resident

Help Feed Families. Help Create Community. Help Fuel Hope.


Help Feed Families.
Help Create Community.
Help Fuel Hope.


Our Pledge

Feed. Create. Fuel

Feed Families by offering consistently fresh, quality produce delivered directly to the doorstep of Englewood residents, through our partnership with JAB Produce. Through our Dream Deliveries, pre-packaged, pre-measured fresh fruits and vegetables are distributed on a weekly basis to in-need households struggling with food insecurity.

Create Community by using fresh food as a catalyst to transform lives. In food deserts, where fresh produce is often inaccessible, both food delivery and community access to fresh produce through the Dream Fridge has an enormous impact. The stocked community Fridge is a place where Englewood residents can rely on daily access to quality fruits and vegetables.

Fuel Hope by creating a sense of shared purpose around the Dream. Real change happens at the grass roots level and the Dream Team is a community of residents, donors and supporters who have donated time, resources, love and money to tackle food insecurity. It is this shared collective effort that unites Englewood residents and creates real change in the community.

Our Offerings

Dream Fridge is our answer to Englewood's food desert status, poverty rates, and lack of fresh grocery options. The community fridge is open Monday- Friday from, 9am-4pm, offering fresh fruits, vegetables,  and water to residents. Since its inception, Project Dream Fridge has provided more than 3,400 lbs of fresh food and water across the equivalent of 1,300 meals. With an average of 118 servings of 283 lbs. of food and a weekly cost of $375, the Dream Fridge is a well-received  offering.

Dream Deliveries offers fresh produce straight to the doorstep of the West Englewood residents that it serves. Being environmentally conscious, Dream Deliveries is consistent in reducing waste by sending packaged pre-measured fruits and vegetables to households in need & are struggling with food security. Our delivery services provides underserved families with five days worth of health food options for consumption.

Dream Events are creative, meaningful experiences that support Englewood residents. Whether it’s helping a single mom secure stable housing, a Christmas Miracle with a Mariano’s shopping spree for eight Englewood families, or a surprise ice cream truck, the Dream Events make a real impact by building trust and fostering a sense of community. Our team of residents, donors, and supporters is well-positioned to respond to immediate community challenges with creative solutions.

Our Impact

Making a Real Difference
Family Servings
lbs of Produce

Help Feed Families. Help Create Community. Help Fuel Hope.


Help Feed Families.
Help Create Community.
Help Fuel Hope.


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