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Health Equity Through Logistics for Chicago’s Communities
Dion’s Chicago Dream is to improve health outcomes & center health equity through its industry-leading approach to addressing food security at the intersection of last-mile delivery and logistics.

Dion’s Dream is to use nutritional philanthropy as a catalyst to build community and transform lives. As an idea born in the heart of Englewood to give back to the community that raised him, Dion’s initiative has expanded into a nonprofit social enterprise model that champions workforce development and the stabilization of food quality. Dion’s Chicago Dream’s Fridge, Deliveries and Vaults provide a full suite of food access solutions for the diversity needed of health equity circumstances.

Our Offerings

Dream Deliveries stabilizes quality and access by offering fresh produce straight to the doorstep of the Chicagoland residents that it serves. Being environmentally conscious, Dream Deliveries is consistent in reducing waste by sending packaged pre-measured fruits and vegetables to households in need & struggling with food security. Our delivery services provide underserved families with 5 days worth of healthy food options for consumption, immediately moving a household from food insecure to food secure. Since its inception, Dream Deliveries has provided more than 170,000 lbs of fresh produce to the doorstep of nearly 2100 residents every week.

Dream Vault tests the possibility of even greater scale in the fight against food insecurity, using cutting-edge logistics, delivery and destination solutions.

The Dream Vault is a network-enabled locker that customers can access weekly with a unique electronic code to get a Dream Delivery box of fresh groceries containing five days worth of pre-measured fruits and vegetables.

Dream Team members stock 25 lockers daily, with each set of lockers having the potential to provide food security to almost 175 households within a 1-mile radius – that’s a staggering 78,000 lbs of fresh food every year per vault!

Dream Fridge is our introductory response to Englewood’s food desert status, poverty rates, and lack of fresh grocery options. The community fridge is open Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm, offering fresh fruits, vegetables, and water to residents. Since its inception, Project Dream Fridge has provided more than 35,550 lbs of fresh food and water across the equivalent of 14,250 meals. With an average of 118 servings of 283 lbs. of food and a weekly cost of $550, the Dream Fridge is a well-received offering. ​

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Help Feed Families.  Help Create Community.  Help Fuel Hope.


Help Feed Families.
Help Create Community.
Help Fuel Hope.


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